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Arcos da Lapa

Redoubt of Rio's bohemia. With several bars, nightclubs, concert halls and restaurants, it is one of the best places for those who want to enjoy the night in Rio. Located 13 minutes walking distance from the hotel.


The Marquês de Sapucaí Sambadrome is a project by Oscar Niemeyer, a famous Brazilian architect. The place is the stage of the most famous popular festival in Brazil, the Rio de Janeiro Samba School Parade, which is held annually during the Carnival holiday. Located about 15 minutes away by transport.

Escadaria Selarón

The Escadaria Selarón, also known as the Escadaria do Convento de Santa Teresa, is one of the most important and visited tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro. Located in the fantastic and famous bohemian neighborhood of Lapa, it has easy access and is definitely a must visit place in the Marvelous City. Located 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel.

Aterro do Flamengo

A large leisure complex where Flamengo Beach is located. The landfill has a park, soccer fields, bicycle tracks and extensive green areas to enjoy. Located 16 minutes walking distance from the hotel.

Praça Paris

Praça Paris, in the Glória district, has French-style gardens, similar to those of the Palace of Versailles, with large lawns, a lake and a fountain, in a symmetrical composition. It is a relic of the late Belle Époque, designed over an embankment and completed in 1927. Located 8 minutes walking distance from the hotel.


Corcovado is one of the most visited tourist attractions by everyone who comes to Rio de Janeiro. A world-renowned place, this is where the statue of Christ the Redeemer is located, elected one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Pão de Açúcar

The Morro do Pão de Açúcar is one of the biggest postcards not only in Rio de Janeiro, but in Brazil. It has, as an attraction, the cable car ride, known as Bondinho, connecting Morro da Urca and Morro do Pão de Açúcar.


Iconic beach in Brazil and one of the most famous in the entire world. It's super easy to get there, just take the subway that is close to the hotel and, in a few minutes, you can reach Copacabana.

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